Case Study


This product is a high-end IVI system equipped with an 8.4-inch head unit which is developed for FCA multiple vehicle brands. We focused on China local features development and integration such as handwriting, Chinese Pinyin input, Chinese VR, and 3rd party Apps. Supported global product launch from model year 19 through model year 21.

Ford SubEntry Radio

This product is a base entry radio which is developed for Ford global vehicle brands. We played a key role with Tier1 to win this business. And focused on entire program life cycle from business pursue till global launch. Strong technical engagement including design, development, testing, and customer support.

Ford SYNC Gen3

This product is the 3rd generation of Ford SYNC. It runs on the QNX operation system and equips multiple Ford vehicle brands globally. We focused on China features and maintained software from model year 18 through model 19.

Automation Test Platform

This test platform is an automation testing system that can be used for QNX and Android operation system. We focused on improving the platform performance and expanding the test cases. This platform will reduce at least 50% of manual test cost.